Account registration

Account registration is the first step to start selling. The restrictive requirements of trading platforms require going through a complex procedure, verification and account configuration. The registration process is divided into several stages and requires the submission of specific documents in order to proceed to the next steps. Registration is a complex process that requires attention. Our team will carry out the process of registering, verifying and configuring the account on the platforms Amazon and eBay

Account Audit

Sales performance depends on your merchant account settings and maintenance. The statistics responsible for the account should be kept in perfect condition. The sales volume may be influenced by: marketing, product positioning, selection of appropriate keywords, inventory and customer service. As part of the audit, our team will check the account in accordance with the guidelines of trading platforms Amazon, eBay nd account revitalization.

Ratings Delete

The opinions and ratings of the seller's products and service are one of the most important factors that influence the sales volume. Negative ratings even contribute to the suspension of the seller's account Amazon. In accordance with the guidelines of trading platforms, it is possible to carry out the procedure of removing negative reviews and ratings. Our team is able to remove negative comments and restore a higher rating for the seller profile.

Dispute settelement

Disputes with buyers on eBaycontribute to the blocking of funds on the platform Paypal. when the appeal procedure is carried out incorrectly, Paypal may return the money to the buyer and the seller will be left without the goods. Resolving disputes with the release of funds is a complex procedure that requires appropriate knowledge and preparation. Amazonis the most pro-consumer trading platform. The reasons for the suspension of the account result from the failure to meet the sales standards, which are very restrictive. The appeal procedure and lodging of appeals can be a long and cumbersome process. Our specialists will conduct the process of settling disputes as well as unblocking accounts and restoring funds.

Unlocking Categories

Amazon requires sellers to have specific documents in order to unlock and sell in selected categories. Regardless of the conducted activity, the restrictions apply to distributors and producers. Documents delivered to Amazon are carefully checked to establish the authenticity of the goods' origin and verify the reliability of the supplier. Documents must be shipped as per the guidelines Amazon. Our team will help you verify the supplier and the goods and will take care of the process of opening the sales category.

FBM, FBA, Vendor, Valet

Amazon offers several sales models. Our goods can be prepared and shipped directly to the customer from warehouses Amazon all over the world. Sales model FBA is recognized by customers and contributes to sales growth. Program Vendor offers the possibility of selling products through the Amazon store. eBay offers a comfortable sales model Valet the service will take care of the sale. Our specialists will define and implement a sales model solution.


Registration with the LUCID recycling system and with an external operator is mandatory when sending goods to Germany. Our specialists will help carry out the registration process and submit the required reports in the LUCID system and the recycling operator. 


Selling across borders on Amazon and eBay is a big challenge. Amendments to ordinances of the Primary Sales Channels require sellers to meet different tax or legal criteria. Without proper preparation of the business model and knowledge, starting a business can turn out to be a sad experience. Our specialists, by providing consultations, will provide reliable knowledge to safely start and conduct sales