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About Us

The company was founded in response to the market demand for professional service for online sellers who intend or conduct sales on Amazon and the eBay trading platform. Our services are based on many years of experience in the ecommerce. We run an account on Amazon for our clients in Europe, Canada and the United States. From market analysis and niche sales assessment to help with setting up an Amazon seller account and comprehensive sales support. Our team provides multilingual support for the sales process, customer service, advanced sales strategies for the TOP 10 rankings in search results, positioning of offers, SEO optimization of listing, creating profitable advertising campaigns, administration, building brand awareness, account protection and work on increasing sales.


The key to stable development of sales on Amazon KNOW-HOW The key to the stable development of sales on Amazon and eBay is the knowledge we have gained over the years of practice. The launch on Amazon and eBay is a long-term adventure and a scalable sales process for companies that, thanks to the platform, have gained access to over 300 million customers around the world in over 200 countries and territories. Our know-how will allow you to successfully start sales and develop your business globally.


We have gained our experience over the years by participating in training courses, managing sales accounts in Europe and the USA, solving problems in the sales process, analyzing dozens of sales niches, choosing the right marketing solutions to promote brands and products. During our long journey to Amazon and eBay, we have audited sellers' accounts in the Amazon FBA and FBM models, focusing on improving the quality of sales or revitalizing the account. We have made numerous analyzes of business models and sales configurations. Thanks to the path we have covered, we have a lot of helpful solutions for you.


From A to Z

Starting from market analysis and evaluation of product sales, to assistance in registering sales accounts in Europe and the United States, to full business and marketing optimization. Security and development are our focus for our comprehensive Amazon and eBay sales services.

Obsługa Konta Amazon

Choose the right solution for your business.


The package is intended for companies that intend to start selling and for companies that already operate. The package guarantees full account support in the Amazon FBA, FBM and eBay models. A full range of services responsible for the sales process, multilingual customer service, administrative, positioning, account protection, consultations and work on increasing sales.


The package is intended for companies that sell or intend to start the distribution of brand products on Amazon, eBay. Our solutions guarantee the correct operation of the distribution sales model, which is reliable for commercial platforms, securing the sale of brands. The scope of the package includes the opening of categories reserved for individual brands, full account service, multilingual customer service, administrative, positioning, advertising campaigns, sales and account protection, consultations on the development of sales on foreign markets.


The package is intended for companies that intend or conduct sales in the production model. As part of the vendor package, we provide numerous solutions for introducing the brand on the Amazon and eBay markets and improving the already conducted sales. The scope of the package includes brand registration on Amazon markets, brand awareness building, intellectual property protection, account service, multilingual customer service, administrative, advanced advertising campaigns, account and sales protection, consultations on brand development on foreign markets.

Sprzedający się Produkt

Proven solutions that your product needs.

Sellers who intend to launch their products on Amazon and eBay should be serious about creating their product cards in terms of: SEO listing, product photos and sales launch strategies.

It happens that not all sellers launch their products in terms of appropriate optimization of front and back end listings and PPC campaigns, which gives the opportunity to enter the top rankings for sellers who have properly approached sales.

Our services include an analysis of the niche of products that you want to introduce to the markets, we will create listings indexed by SEO algorithms, we will take professional photos of the product appropriately selected for the niche and we will configure PPC ads to be as optimal as possible for the product.

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Product Analysis
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Gotowy Sklep

Sell on international markets in a professionally made e-shop.

Start selling faster thanks to our comprehensive service of creating a store for you from scratch on Amazon and eBay in Europe and the United States, conquer new markets thanks to proven solutions. Our service will allow you to scale your business in the largest e-commerce markets and reach millions of customers in every corner of the world.

Selling on Amazon is a great opportunity to increase sales on the global market, however, professional knowledge is required to register an Amazon account to avoid blocking the entity at the initial stage and conduct safe sales on Amazon. The appropriate configuration of the seller account and the introduction of products to the market in accordance with the strategy and the prevailing rules on Amazon is the foundation of your path to success on the platform.

Selling on eBay allows you to present your range of products to the millions of users who shop on the platform every day. The eBay Marketplace is the second largest in the world and is highly appreciated by buyers and sellers. Choosing a strategy, introducing products to the market according to the algorithm and configuring the seller's account and sales policy will allow for effective and safe selling on ebay.

As part of our service, we will comprehensively launch the sale of your products on platforms, from registration to full account optimization, adding products and marketing solutions to quickly develop sales. At the end of the project, we will provide you with basic knowledge so that you can independently manage the entire sales process and develop your business.

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